Warehousing and packaging

Eliminate warehouse costs and warehouse staff costs

If you want to run an e-shop successfully there is no need to have several huge warehouses full of goods and dozens of employees to manage or pack orders. You can store products from your suppliers in our warehouses, and we will take care of them thoroughly. It does not matter if you work with small goods or with large products, we will find space for any product.

Benefits of this service

Technologically advanced background and constant investment in capacity and warehouse staff are required for storing and handling goods. By using our large-capacity warehouses, you will save investments and get rid of a large part of operational activities. You only pay for the storage places that you actually use and your goods are professionally managed.

How does it work?

We keep detailed records of incoming goods. Therefore, each shipment received from your supplier is registered first. We keep records of stock status, that are available to you. This allows for effective management of the e-shop. Records can also be integrated with your systems.

According to the client’s preferences, we also provide packaging and delivery, while various types of transport are available. We provide the required documentation for each delivery as well. The goods in our warehouses are insured.

Fast and efficient management of goods received from your suppliers
Inventory records and integration with your systems
Inventory records and integration with your systems
Packaging and distribution
Lower operation costs compared to own warehouse

The service is suitable for

Starting e-shops and start-ups

Fulfillment services will allow you to save time, staff capacity and e-shop operating costs. You can focus on important business activities for the development and building of the e-shop and at the same time provide fast and professional customer service.

E-shops with a growing number of orders

Fulfillment is an ideal solution for situations where the e-shop is growing under your hands, the number of orders is increasing and you need to decide on investments in expanding warehouse or personnel capacities.

Large companies

Fulfillment solves the problem of large companies that suddenly need to send or process a large number of documents, shipments and packages to their clients.

Comprehensive fulfillment services. From order processing through warehousing and distribution to handling claims and returns.

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