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Swiss Point, s.r.o. and its fulfillment division offers complete logistics outsourcing.

We are happy to assist you in the outsourcing of logistics and distribution offering services such as storage, inventory, order processing, preparation, packaging, shipping of your products, and management of returns.

In our warehouse, we provide full range of services adapted to different types of products such as promotional items, toys, books, clothes etc. Your suppliers deliver your articles directly to our warehouses and you will only need to care about communication with your end customers.

We receive your orders on a daily basis and we ensure the same day preparation and shipment to your customers in Europe and all around the world.

The outsourcing allows you to fully focus on your business while we take care of the logistics of your orders.

Swiss Point, s.r.o. provides its services in secure and strategically located premises in Bratislava

  • 60 km to Vienna (highway)
  • 200 km to Budapest (highway)
  • All international freight companies close to our premises (DHL, TNT, Fedex, DPD, etc)
  • Port of Koper (500 km)


Order preparation (Pick&Pack, Fulfillment)

Swiss Point, s.r.o. provides a complete range of fulfillment activities and services of printing & mailing house:

  • Orders receival on a regular basis
  • Stock control
  • Collecting and picking items
  • Assembling and packing
  • Labelling, re-labelling and printing of additional documents
  • Shipping & distribution (pick&ship)
  • Returns handling
  • Services of printing house – invoice printing, documents printing and enveloping, mailing services, returns handling
customs warehouse
Temporary bonded warehouse

Warehousing & Distribution

We offer a whole range of warehousing services related to import, collection, storage, handling and distribution of goods for your end customers:

  • Goods registration
  • Regular stock control and inventory management accessible via web portal
  • Optional integration with the client´s systems (inventory management)
  • Imports of the goods – we manage the import procedure, customs documents and operational handling
  • Check of pack lists and delivery notes against physical status
  • Multiple shipping methods available (Fedex, DHL, DPD, other)
  • Goods insurance included

Customs warehouse / EU warehouse

Bonded warehouse

Optimal approach of postponing the payment of VAT and duties during import operations. The main advantage is that the payment of import duties and VAT is deferred from the moment the goods arrive to the EU to the moment the goods leave the warehouse as a consequence of a sales transaction. 

The advantages of bonded warehouse are:

  • There is no limit in the length of time for keeping the goods in the bonded warehouse, and there is possibility to release  only a part of the goods into free circulation.
  • Purchasing of material for commercial campaigns can be carried out when the prices of the goods and of international currencies are more favourable as they can change considerably throughout the year. 
  • Possibility to handle or to process the goods in a bonded warehouse. We can handle the goods before they are released into free circulation or prepare the goods for sale according to the requirements of the importer (as long as the original state of the goods is not altered).

All transactions made through a bonded warehouse are under the supervision of the local customs authorities.

We provide financial guaranty on the bonded warehouse.

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fulfillment order preparation

Temporary bonded warehouse / Temporary customs deposit

A temporary warehouse serves for short-term storage of goods which are still outside the free circulation in the EU and where it is not possible or not desirable to decide immediately on their further customs status.

This type of warehouse is being used usually for import of goods from non-EU countries. The goods can be held at a Temporary Customs Warehouse for a maximum of 90 days and the payment of taxes is postponed until the next destination of the goods is decided upon. It is used for forwarding to another destination, or to re-exporting to non-EU country.

There is a possibility to customs clear only a part the goods (gradual goods release).

We provide financial guaranty on the temporary bonded warehouse.


fulfillment process

Complete process – from storage to delivery to customers

Online report of stock

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fulfillment administrative services

Additional administrative services

Fast processing regardless of seasonal peaks

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fulfillment delivery abroad

Delivery abroad

Processing of returned items and claims

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Processes certified by ISO 9001 and ISO 27001
Packaging material included
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