Complete services for e-commerce from receiving the order to distribution to customers and handling claims and returns. Outsourcing the entire process will reduce the operating costs of e-shop, improve customer service, and ensure comfort in routine administrative and operational activities.
Providing a full range of transport worldwide

A reliable partner for your e-commerce business

Comprehensive fulfillment services. From order processing through warehousing and distribution to handling claims and returns.

We help your business grow, free you from demanding administrative processes, and bring you significant cost savings. Optimization of time, costs, processes, and personnel capacities.

Cross-border logistics for e-commerce

Thanks to the wide network of our partners, we provide cost-effective, safe and trouble-free cross-border transport services for your e-shop.

International logistics provides significant growth potential, and using our network you can get orders to customers all over Europe and the world at attractive prices, including the possibility of cash on delivery (more than 15 countries).

About us

We will help your e-shop expand and save a lot of time and costs not only for storage and logistics, but also for personnel. Thanks to cooperation with global courier companies, we guarantee competitive prices for delivery all over the world.

We pay attention to the speed of processing your orders as well as the quality of delivery, so we can deliver your packages to the customer in Europe within 24 hours. We take care of your orders and you don't have to worry about logistics. We will also resolve any complaints and returns.

Fulfillment is an essential success factor for many e-shops. Our e-commerce services are suitable for smaller and medium-sized e-shops with a large or growing number of orders and e-shops with a foreign focus, as we deliver packages worldwide. Our cooperation will allow you to focus on important business activities for the growth of your e-commerce.

We open borders

Strategic locations in Europe

Abroad we are just like at home. Our distribution network, contacts, and experience in other countries will help you expand your business to and from the EU. Our  warehouse is located on the border of 3 countries, with excellent access to distribution service providers as well as for the possible import of goods from your suppliers:

  • 60 km from Vienna
  • 200 km to Budapest
  • 500 km to the port of Koper in Slovenia

Why Choose Us

What can be found under our roof

We provide comprehensive solutions for e-commerce and fulfillment services:

  • Regular order reception
  • Inventory control
  • Order assembly and packing process
  • Labeling and printing of other documents
  • Transport & distribution (pick & ship)
  • Processing of returns
  • Printing Services – printing of invoices, printing and enveloping of documents, postal services

Save time and money

The partnership with us will also bring the following benefits to your online business:

  • Organizing the process from storage to delivery
  • Additional administrative services
  • Sending shipments abroad
  • Processes in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 27001
  • Online inventory overview
  • Short order processing time regardless of seasonal fluctuations
  • Processing of returned packages and claims
  • Packaging material included in the cost


Our headquarters, together with the warehouse, are located in Bratislava (SVK). From this location we provide processing and distribution within the Slovak Republic but also to the neighbouring countries.
We assess each client on individual basis, each client has specific process requirements, sells different type of a products, and has customers in different destinations. We consider all these factors when establishing the price in order to meet client’s expectations.

Shipment delivery is provided by various partner courier companies which have different parameters for provision of their delivery services. Prices are calculated individually taking into account the individual requirements and parameters specified by the client.
We know from the experience of our clients that our outsourcing of fulfilment services brings benefits to the client when the number of orders exceeds 300 per month.
The space meets common security standards as a secured premises, security guard service, alarms, camera systems, etc. The processing area itself and the work performance are ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.
The usual processing of orders is within the same day as the date of receipt of the order in SP (until 10:00 AM). Upon receiving the order after this deadline, we will do all possible to ensure that your order is expedited on the same day, but not later than within 24 hours. Of course, we understand that each client can have specific process requirements, so other project timeframes can be agreed on.
In case of shipments up to 1kg, the packaging is included (bubble wrap, or a simple 3-ply box). For heavier weights, it is not possible to set a uniform price because different formats and types of goods require different packaging methods. The cost of packaging is the result of an agreement when the entire process is defined. To begin with, we will provide approximate prices for boxes.
Yes, integration is possible. Alternative forms of data exchange can also be agreed on.
Yes, it is possible.
Comprehensive fulfillment services. From order processing through warehousing and distribution to handling claims and returns.

Contact us

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