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Are you considering investing in expanding your internal staff team, or do you need to optimize processes in your company? Are you looking for the optimal solution for your organizational structure and at the same time face the pressure to reduce personnel costs? Consult with us and we will help you find an effective solution for your company.

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Benefits of this service

If you are not sure whether the outsourcing services are suitable for your company, contact us and arrange a consultation.

For optimal solution design and outsourcing effectiveness analysis, it is necessary to know the processes, technical possibilities of the solutions used. The goal of outsourcing is to optimize costs, therefore we focus mainly on the required goals and their measurability.

The decision to outsource services is a strategic decision for every manager or owner of the company. We will help you find an efficient and optimal solution tailored to your company, focusing on the effectiveness of cost, investments, and process and personnel needs.

Service information

Each company is unique and has its processes and rules. To design an effective suitable solution, we need to know your requirements, technical possibilities, and specifics of your company or business. A consultation provides a space for answering your questions and finding ways to develop your business.

  • Needs analysis

  • Process analysis

  • Optimization proposal

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Frequently asked questions

Our headquarters, together with the warehouse, are located in Bratislava (SVK) From this location we provide processing and distribution within the Slovak Republic but also to the neighbouring countries.

The space meets common security standards such as secured area, security guard service, alarms, camera systems, etc. . The processing area itself and the work performance are ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

Yes, besides fulfilment services, it is also possible to utilise mailing of letters, registered mail or direct mail. On offer are also the back-office process externalisation and document digitisation and back-office as a Service (BOaaS) archiving services.

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    The service is suitable for

    Medium-sized companies

    Expert consultations on investments in expanding the personnel team, optimizing processes or outsourcing administrative processes and departments.

    Large companies

    Expert consultations for process outsourcing, solution implementation and cost optimization.

    CEO managers

    Managers who decide on investments in the development of the company and are faced with the decision to optimize personnel costs.

    CEO refers

    When deciding on strategic investments, it is necessary to consider and analyze the complex impact on the company. If you are looking for answers to your questions, come and get non-binding advice on your plans. We have many years of experience and knowledge of processes in hundreds of companies of our clients. Ask questions and together we will find the optimal solution for your company.