Get rid of complicated administrative processes

We improve the efficiency of administrative activities of the office, department, or the entire company by processing, administering, and managing documents, but especially by digitalizing them. We will take over your everyday office-work and, based on your requirements, we will manage its smooth running.

administratívne služby back office

Benefits of this service

Small and large companies will appreciate operations outsourcing. Small businesses in terms of reducing costs associated with the operation of its department and internal staff. Large companies mainly due to work speed and efficiency. Thanks to this, each company can focus on its core business and leave the rest to a team of professionals.

  • Reduction of costs associated with own department (premises, staff, material)
  • More efficient everyday operations
  • Efficient work with documents at the company level
  • ZAccelerating document processing, processing of time-sensitive tasks
  • Converting fixed costs to variable costs
  • Variable costs only for completed operations
  • No investment in software or hardware required

Service information

An initial analysis of current processes will allow you to find the optimal solution. Based on the analysis results and the client´s vision, a tailor-made solution is prepared and no input costs are required. The advantage is that the client shall get rid of fixed costs and shall pay only for the work performed. The solution implementation depends on the complexity of the processes – whether it is complete management of the department’s operation or only partial management of some processes. The whole process is aimed to relieve the client´s company from administrative processes that are highly demanding as to personnel capacities and costs and thus to enable the employees to focus on developing core business activities. This service is synergistic with document digitization, contributing to the modernization of the company’s processes and the improvement of its internal and external activities.

  • Processing documents and everyday office-work

  • Processing complex tasks and partial assignments

  • The entire department outsourcing

  • Document digitization

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Frequently asked questions

Our headquarters, together with the warehouse, are located in Bratislava (SVK) From this location we provide processing and distribution within the Slovak Republic but also to the neighbouring countries.

The space meets common security standards such as secured area, security guard service, alarms, camera systems, etc. . The processing area itself and the work performance are ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

Yes, besides fulfilment services, it is also possible to utilise mailing of letters, registered mail or direct mail. On offer are also the back-office process externalisation and document digitisation and back-office as a Service (BOaaS) archiving services.

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    The service is suitable for

    Medium-sized companies

    Outsourcing of individual or complex processes related to the circulation of documents in the company. For example, processing the entire process of invoices, contracts or other documents that are necessary for your business.

    Large companies

    Ensuring the entire life cycle of documents in circulation without the need to implement new software and applications. We can also provide back-office processes in your already existing applications.

    I need to optimize costs

    Complex administrative operations from creation to archiving of documents. It includes activities such as enveloping, receiving documents, registering, processing, archiving, or document termination.

    CEO refers

    Back-office services are intended for medium-sized and large companies that process a large number of paper documents on a daily basis and are looking for a model on how to optimize their costs. A large number of documents in circulation also means costs for personnel capacity, technical equipment, software and the like. If, as a manager, you need to focus on your core business operations and optimize not only the time required, but especially the costs of administrative document processing, this is the ideal time to outsource your processes. Another advantage is that outsourcing of back-office processes does not require the implementation of new solutions and applications, we can take charge of all processes on applications that you already use.