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Comprehensive fulfillment services. From order processing through warehousing and distribution, temporary customs warehousing to handling claims and returns.

We help your business grow, free you from demanding administrative processes, and bring you significant cost savings. Optimization of time, costs, processes, and personnel capacities.

How it works

How it works

Following an initial needs analysis and signing a cooperation agreement, we will determine processes and monitored parameters (KPI) together with an emphasis on your internal processes. The advantage is that setting up and running cooperation with Swiss Point does not require additional costs for software or hardware. We set all processes individually, tailored to the client. If you are thinking about fulfillment and you are not sure if it is profitable, we will advise you.

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Frequently asked question

Our headquarters, together with the warehouse, are located in Bratislava (SVK). From this location we provide processing and distribution within the Slovak Republic but also to the neighbouring countries.

We assess each client on individual basis, each client has specific process requirements, sells different type of a products, and has customers in different destinations. We consider all these factors when establishing the price in order to meet client’s expectations.

Shipment delivery is provided by various partner courier companies which have different parameters for provision of their delivery services. Prices are calculated individually taking into account the individual requirements and parameters specified by the client.

We know from the experience of our clients that our outsourcing of fulfilment services brings benefits to the client when the number of orders exceeds 300 per month.

The space meets common security standards as a secured premises, security guard service, alarms, camera systems, etc. The processing area itself and the work performance are ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

The usual processing of orders is within the same day as the date of receipt of the order in SP (until 10:00 AM). Upon receiving the order after this deadline, we will do all possible to ensure that your order is expedited on the same day, but not later than within 24 hours. Of course, we understand that each client can have specific process requirements, so other project timeframes can be agreed on.

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