Get rid of unnecessary documents

A large amount of physical paper documents commonly circulating in each company represents not only difficulties with archives capacity, but especially with document indexing followed by re-searching documents. As many as 46% of employees find document retrieval inefficient and impractical. Do not waste their time which they can use for productive work and get rid of paper documents easily and quickly.

skenovanie a digitalizacia

Benefits of this service

  • Immediate availability of all documents in real-time
  • Easy and fast work with digital documents
  • Accessibility for many people at once
  • Documents are accessible from various electronic devices
  • Saving physical storage space
  • Eco-friendly variant

Service information

The document digitization service begins by scanning and converting every single document into a digital format. For this purpose, we have high-capacity document scanners and a team of professionals that achieves high work efficiency. Subsequently, each document is marked (indexed) according to the required categories, which allows easy management and sorting. All documents are archived so that the client can find them quickly and easily when he needs them. If you need to get rid of physical – paper documents, we also ensure the disposal of unnecessary documents. Swiss Point has all the necessary certificates to ensure the secure disposal of documents.

  • Document scanning

  • Document conversion

  • Indexing according to required parameters

  • Electronic document management

  • Document archiving

  • Secure document disposal

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Frequently asked questions

Our headquarters, together with the warehouse, are located in Bratislava (SVK) From this location we provide processing and distribution within the Slovak Republic but also to the neighbouring countries.

The space meets common security standards such as secured area, security guard service, alarms, camera systems, etc. . The processing area itself and the work performance are ISO27001, ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified.

Yes, besides fulfilment services, it is also possible to utilise mailing of letters, registered mail or direct mail. On offer are also the back-office process externalisation and document digitisation and back-office as a Service (BOaaS) archiving services.

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    The service is suitable for

    I want to get rid of the document archive

    If you need to digitalize all documents in the company, we will not only help you with their digitalization but you will also find a way to archive them and easily search for the ones you need.

    I want to get rid of the document archive

    Digitization of a complete archive of paper documents and official shredding of documents.

    I want to shred documents

    Secure shredding of documents that are converted to digital form.

    CEO refers

    Digitization and scanning of documents is our domain. Thanks to powerful technology and a trained team with many years of experience, we can ensure the digitalization of a large number of documents. You will save not only time, but especially your personnel capacities, which can be devoted to work activities with higher priority.